A bit of forestry and magic

This is my first short this summer.  It’s a 3.5 minute ramble about a tool that foresters use to measure forest density – the wedge prism.  The prism is a nice intersection of the fields of ecology and physics/engineering, an example of simple ingenuity saving foresters and ecologists plenty of time.  And if we look a little deeper, the principles of prism (or any angle-controlled) scoring shed light on what matters when thinking about how dense a forest is.  I’ll have a little more on this (and the mysteries of basal area math) coming later.

As far as videomaking goes, this project was a exercise in two things:
1) Taking a topic that many would find dull and trying to come at it from an intriguing angle (in terms of story) to make it interesting to a wide audience (hopefully).
2) Working on my animation skills.

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback on the video.


3 thoughts on “A bit of forestry and magic

  1. Milo, I really like this video. A dorky topic, but the way you presented it made this really neat. You were able to capture your enthusiasm for the topic, it’s magic, etc and present it to the viewer quite effectively. Rad. Can’t wait to see the next one,


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