Process / An Excerpt

Right now I am about to enter into what is probably the least exciting phase of this project – going through all my footage, taking notes, and organizing it.  It’s necessary at this point for me to take a look at what I have and what I need (which hopefully I can get) so that I can begin writing and putting together a longer piece.

But first I decided to jump right in and try to edit something.  I captured a few specific clips I remembered and made a rough edit of a theoretical excerpt from the film.  I did this for two reasons: 1) to give myself a preview of how putting together the film will work and to get a concept of the style I’m going for and the obstacles I’ll run into, and 2) to give myself a little jolt of excitement about the whole thing, a teaser.
So here it is, a rough teaser-excerpt-thing with process music (I probably won’t actually use this music in the full film).  Enjoy, and please let me know if you have feedback (comments or email –


Back in the editing room: Sounds of an SPB spot

After a long break leading kayaking trips in the north country, I’m back in Hanover, and I’m just beginning to sift through the footage from this summer.  Now that I’m away from the action, I’m hoping to post more frequently, and especially this coming week, because I’m just starting school.

This video is a collection of some of my favorite wider shots (since most of my shots have a field of view that can be described in centimeters anything remotely wide counts) from the summer, paired with the audio from one long shot taken at an active Southern Pine Beetle spot.  The sound is that of a unique ecosystem – one created by the mass coordinated attacks of SPB.  These spots are a hotspot for insect, and therefore bird, activity, and I think you can really hear that in this clip.