Process / An Excerpt

Right now I am about to enter into what is probably the least exciting phase of this project – going through all my footage, taking notes, and organizing it.  It’s necessary at this point for me to take a look at what I have and what I need (which hopefully I can get) so that I can begin writing and putting together a longer piece.

But first I decided to jump right in and try to edit something.  I captured a few specific clips I remembered and made a rough edit of a theoretical excerpt from the film.  I did this for two reasons: 1) to give myself a preview of how putting together the film will work and to get a concept of the style I’m going for and the obstacles I’ll run into, and 2) to give myself a little jolt of excitement about the whole thing, a teaser.
So here it is, a rough teaser-excerpt-thing with process music (I probably won’t actually use this music in the full film).  Enjoy, and please let me know if you have feedback (comments or email –


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