While clumsy on land, the southern pine beetle excels at swimming through toxic, sticky resin.  Here is a stringout of nearly all of the clips I gathered this summer of beetles swimming through resin (more beetles + resin than anyone could ever want).  Some clips are at 24x speed.


Editing Away

editingcaptureToday I finally got clips on the timeline stretching from the beginning of the film to the end.  It’s mostly unedited, just a string of interview clips in the general order I want them in and some notes about narration, but still, it’s excited to start to finally put the story together.  Right now its ~ 20 min so it’ll probably change a bit but be near that range.  Above is a still from final cut today.

Micro Stringout

At long last I’m back to work, and I just threw together all the clips I had from the inside of SPB-attacked-tree bark.  It’s pretty fun to watch these microscopic mites running around on the fungus they seem to cultivate (that’s the famous blue stain fungus).  As my professor said, it’s a jungle in there: