At long last I’ve finished editing my documentary about the southern pine beetle.  I have tons of thoughts about it and ideas for the future, but for now, here it is:

(Watch it in HD if you have a good connection!)




3 thoughts on “THE DOCUMENTARY

  1. Hi Milo–I work with walnut twig beetle (Pityophthorus juglandis) in MN (it’s not here) where I am starting a 3rd year of my PhD in Entomology. I am sending this on to my lab, advisors, etc. I am so impressed with this footage and the story you put together–you are the new Ken Burns of Forest Entomology. Well done and thanks for taking the time to do this.


  2. Milo amazing work..The whole thing is really well done! I am working with a 3 other students at University of Florida on a project for a Video Art documentary. A small project. We have chosen the pine beetle as our subject. We would like to use some of your footage. Will you contact me at and let me know what you email is



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